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HySeLAM framework is divided in two layers: topological and objects mapping. In the topological layer, the topological map is the first grid map abstraction and it is managed by the topological engine. This topological map stores the place's features and connectivity. Each place is defined by a set of human words, a set of virtual or real walls and a set of visual signatures. Connectivity between places is given by virtual or real doors. Virtual walls and doors are used to defined a place not delimited by real walls. Place features, such as walls and visual perspectives, are related to the SLAM navigation referential.

Augmented topological map

The augmented topological map stores the knowledge about places definition and connectivity, in the form of an attributed graph. Also, this map stores the relation between places and the gridmap. Places are defined by their delimitations (real or virtual walls), locations, visual signatures and by human words. The edges store the connectivity between places and are labeled with virtual or real doors. These doors are defined by their size, location and human words. This map is managed by the topological engine, which will be able to buildup the topological map using the gridmap,

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